Monday, 9 November 2015

still sick :-(

The haze from indonesia is back = PSL 112 haunting singapore again. .

Dear me why are u sick again not taking gd care if urself. . Have u forgotten ur will
miss sophia :-P

Yes. Sorry. I wld try my best not to. . .
for the sake of innocents :-X

Today met an aust client very friendly. .
Over friendly. . he is one of those bastards i think o_O haiii

If i could control thunder. . .
UFO wld be the first to be target
Second wld be those bastards
Thirdly wld be china ships in south china sea. . .
Fourth wld be russia army. .
Fifth wld be UFO AGAIN LOLL

I was so lost to locate the client place becoz of one stupid woman given wrong direction. Bitch i curse ya pimples all over ur face :-!

Never trust a friendly stranger wanted to help mayb he or she might b psycho . .
Well singapore is a tough country to survive = too much work aka too much stress. . .once a stupid china woman said
There are too many crazy singaporen ard

But she is one of them. Crazy china
Woman too much desire craving for $$$
Alot of china workers in singapore. @_@

Never never say thx to stranger :-P

Famous Merlion in singapore

A legend of a lion with tail appeared in singapore sea.

This is my country :-)

A beauitful country  :-)

Gd nite :-)
Dont forget to dream loll

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