Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Sad as being cheated for buying wrong cream = two tudes/32 dollars haiiii :-(

That evil old woman told me this cream is the best stronger one n i believe her not trusting my instinct. Sad again. . .
I am going bk to that stupid pharmacy at people park centre, is an con shop, curse ye virus over there.

Haiii now late at night in the public washing machine shop staring at my clothes being spinning round n round. .
Another 30 mins to go. . .

One of the dryer machine is not working as the middle age man complain that its not warm at all by touching the glass. 5 dollars been cheated n his precious time
He was nagging again n again. .
Dear sir i have been sitting here for 90 mins :-) not nagging ard :-P

Finally i went back to the buddha tooth temple to pay respect. . .

Dear lord buddha

Bless me with wisdom strength compassion heart n forgiveness as
My heart is full of hatred n hatred. .
I want to learn to forgive my enemy. .
Cross fingers :-p
Yes i would try my best to. . .

Guess what? Stalkers are back again
They are sickering ppl. . .

Ok time is almost up :-)
See ya

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