Thursday, 5 November 2015


Today no work as client texted too late. .
So i slept the whole day then went to internet cafe to watch producer korean drama yet was not too desire or excited, mayb i have read the storyline :-(

I am not feeling well caught cold again
Haiiii mayb no mood to work as no reply to client over the phone. As usual drank warm water mixed with honey. .
But still felt cold afterward on bus :-(

Today i did not bring my phones out so there were no stalker ard mayb. .
Or they knew that i was unhappy. .
And the wind direction changed
The haze PSL seems increasing. .
What gotta to do with me again :-(
And no rain today :-X

So the wind is turning ard. . .
Will the wind return. . .
Or will they change?

Hahaaaa fat hope its impossible. .

Sophia de Moon

I wish for jurassic park be real on earth
Loll monstersss :-P

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