Thursday, 25 February 2016

How to control the weather?

I must know how does the weather works. .

Science of Weather @?@

May be understanding how it's work would help to control the weather. . Just maybe only.

But the question is. . It's not an easy task to learn the science of weather as my intelligent level is private limited. . .

How I wish someone would help me. . .

Or help the world. . .

Dear heaven . . .  _ ! _

So many things to do. . . So little help I get

May be this is the karma of current human beings. . Now.

When the song ends. . . the wind of the four corners start to. . .

Sophiaeve lee

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Weather studies!

Holy carp I know nothing of weather

Holy cow

Holy bear

Holy whatever. . .

Science = magic = Gnostic = knowledge

In the beginning. . . There was nothing!

In the ending. . . There will be nothing
As well!

Science = mara

World War lll for oil?

Why are they fighting over Syria. . For oil?

If sooo it's very very cruel to kill for oil :(

As those refugees are suffering because of such inhuman act. .

My disappointment is USA is involved. .

The country of freedom :(

Isreal. . Saudi Arabia. . Turkey. . Isis . . Russia. . U must pay for your evil karma. So must it be.

USA pls get out of this mess soon if not the seed of karma would come after you . . .

By the threefold forces of kamma.

So must it be.


I feel guilty :(

I realize a strange phenomenon that once I fall sick and the country I favour, their weathers would gone crazy. . . I begin to suspects that. . . And it's very tiring to monitor the weather conditions "p

Well why am I feeling guilty as I did not take care of my health as I knew what n why causes my sickness if I were allowed it
May be I wanted to die as the doctor review that the diseases wld spread throughout my blood and my organs. . .

I was not afraid calmly noted of her advises
Maybe I wanna to die. . Maybe I am too lonely n sad that I wanted to leave this cruel
World behind to seek a paradise. . .

Maybe I am confused but something hold me back from suicide. . .


What if I go deeper. . to learn to control the weather. . What if I wld take seriously of my xxx abilities and study them becoming a powerful witch @!@

What if I choose this path. . .

I would be in big trouble with the world powers as my life became lifeless. .

How about a SECRET!


Saturday, 20 February 2016

Snow in singapore

Snow snow snow pls pay visit to Singapore

Cold cold cold pls cold us in Singapore

Cloud cloud cloud pls cover us in Singapore

Sun Sun Sun pls hide away from Singapore

In the name of mother nature.

So must it be.


USA & Asean = south China sea disbute

Asean countries join force with USA to deal
with south China sea dispute pissed off China. . Loll

But Australia n New Zealand wanted to stay out of south China sea disputes. . .

Sad : / what shall I do next ?

 I will not care or bother of their weather conditions = Australia n New Zealand
Since they are so heartless :p

Karma is at work :-) until they are with Asean. . .

So must it be.

Moon weather goddess lollll :p

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A sad chinese new year :-(

Happy chinese new year to myself :-(

I am lonely, alone in the family crowds, walking. . Envy those families that i desire for. . Sad at first but later back to the steel heart , again loll

I wish for cooling weather in singapore like snow :-) sooo envy thailand for her weather. .

Snow snow white :-) spirit of thee
Pls come to visit sg and suprised them
Hopefully nobody knows thats my intention to snow sg loll

Why not :-P

Cold cold come come
Cloud cloud gather over here and protect us from the heat SUN :-P

So must it be.

In the name of mother narure.