Wednesday, 24 February 2016

I feel guilty :(

I realize a strange phenomenon that once I fall sick and the country I favour, their weathers would gone crazy. . . I begin to suspects that. . . And it's very tiring to monitor the weather conditions "p

Well why am I feeling guilty as I did not take care of my health as I knew what n why causes my sickness if I were allowed it
May be I wanted to die as the doctor review that the diseases wld spread throughout my blood and my organs. . .

I was not afraid calmly noted of her advises
Maybe I wanna to die. . Maybe I am too lonely n sad that I wanted to leave this cruel
World behind to seek a paradise. . .

Maybe I am confused but something hold me back from suicide. . .


What if I go deeper. . to learn to control the weather. . What if I wld take seriously of my xxx abilities and study them becoming a powerful witch @!@

What if I choose this path. . .

I would be in big trouble with the world powers as my life became lifeless. .

How about a SECRET!


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