Sunday, 10 July 2016

The great flood and the Moon @?@

I remembered this horrifying experience that haunting me for many years. . .

while I was out to buy supper at night,  I looked up and saw the spooky light-reddish full moon Suddenly an terrible vision of rushing flood with people struggling cried for help. . "blinding me" to cross the road for few seconds, I was in shocked and struggled
To regain my sight of worrying that I might knocked down by car. . .

I rushed home after bought the supper but lost my appetite as the whole night I was trying to figure out what and why happened earlier. . .

Then I recalled that I encountered the spooky full moon in my childhood but I could not sure whether it was dream or true experience yet I was terrified as it's haunting me for years then again the second experiences was much more
horrifying. . .

Now tonight I realized it was my past life memories after reading some legends of the great flood.

Something more strange is happening
I have had vision of an ancient war between the gods that caused the great flood but those vision would pieces by pieces, not complete vision. . .

An forbidden knowledge has whispering to me the whole night kept me from sleep. . .


When was the moon put up there?

It’s a question a child would ask but nobody on this planet can answer it. You think the moon has been up there billions of years?
Don’t believe it. Where are the moon meteorites?

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

A message to china from Heaven _ ! _

Dear china

Heaven remembered you and blessing ye with wind rain ice storm typhoons tornado as ye need not to rob lands water money anymore :-)

Well there are too much water in the air after el nino season so some lands need to be sacrificed being " flooded ". . .

You are selected by the nature divine.

Be graceful China :-) Heaven is fair.

Sophia Lotus

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

ISIS declare war on Malaysia and Indonesia @!@

ISIS videos declare war on Malaysia and Indonesia

Poor children being used to kill. . . Sad case!

I am wondering  are those terrorist being processed by something. . . Or alien devices
To control their mindset @?@

Strange enough as singapore is not mentioned in their list?

Or hidden agenda to bomb singapore without warning. . .

Danger danger on singapore @?@

Where will terrorist strikes first?

May be tarot card could help but need to buy new one to be charged by divine energy. . .

By the power of threefold kamma.

So must it be.

Sophia Lotus.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Sweet revenge from Syrians @?@

Series of bombings sweep Saudi Arabia

So did istanbul airport bombs but the government insisted on terrorist attacks but no terrorist group declared responsibility.

And Turkish curse on their government for bringing deaths to them.

It's time for Syrians sweet revenge @?@

Or cause and effect. Karma.

Sad sad sad for middle east people. . .

When would peace be with them?

By the power of threefold kamma.

So must it be.

Sophia Lotus

Sunday, 3 July 2016

By the power of threefold kamma

I curse ye all to hell.

So must it be.


By the power of threefold kamma

So must it be.


Those stalkers are back and this time they have thick skins.

Next time I would prepare bygones to welcome them. Wait and see assholes.

I curse thee hell is awaiting for them.

By the power of threefold kamma.

So must it be.

Sophia Lotus de Black Revenge.