Sunday, 10 July 2016

The great flood and the Moon @?@

I remembered this horrifying experience that haunting me for many years. . .

while I was out to buy supper at night,  I looked up and saw the spooky light-reddish full moon Suddenly an terrible vision of rushing flood with people struggling cried for help. . "blinding me" to cross the road for few seconds, I was in shocked and struggled
To regain my sight of worrying that I might knocked down by car. . .

I rushed home after bought the supper but lost my appetite as the whole night I was trying to figure out what and why happened earlier. . .

Then I recalled that I encountered the spooky full moon in my childhood but I could not sure whether it was dream or true experience yet I was terrified as it's haunting me for years then again the second experiences was much more
horrifying. . .

Now tonight I realized it was my past life memories after reading some legends of the great flood.

Something more strange is happening
I have had vision of an ancient war between the gods that caused the great flood but those vision would pieces by pieces, not complete vision. . .

An forbidden knowledge has whispering to me the whole night kept me from sleep. . .


When was the moon put up there?

It’s a question a child would ask but nobody on this planet can answer it. You think the moon has been up there billions of years?
Don’t believe it. Where are the moon meteorites?

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