Monday, 1 August 2016

Ancient gods of Sumerian @?@

Legend of ancient dragon:

Half human half serpent God & Goddess
Of ancient sumerian

Ancient china: Half human half serpent                                  creator Gods

Going back to more ancient times, the four pillars were broken; the nine provinces were in tatters. Heaven did not completely cover [the earth]; Earth did not hold up [Heaven] all the way around [its circumference]. Fires blazed out of control and could not be extinguished; water flooded in great expanses and would not recede. Ferocious animals ate blameless people; predatory birds snatched the elderly and the weak. Thereupon, Nüwa smelted together five-colored stones in order to patch up the azure sky, cut off the legs of the great turtle to set them up as the four pillars, killed the black dragon to provide relief for Ji Province, and piled up reeds and cinders to stop the surging waters. The azure sky was patched; the four pillars were set up; the surging waters were drained. . .

Nuwa aka Ninhursag creator goddess

So who and what is Masonic?

Descendants of Sumerian gods?

You'll be the judge!

Sophia Lotus

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