Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Guess what too much cold water again n having cold again loll

The haze = PSI 92 :-P

When i was sad, nobody care.
When i was sick, nobody care.
When i was starving, nobody care.

So should i care!

They are heartless ppl whom have forgotten ur contributions.
A test is given. Sadly, unforgiven.

Dear heaven

Be my judgment. . .

So blessed be.

I curse those greedy bastards hell to ya alllll.

All bosses indeed must go to hell.

No more slave for boss :O

Twinkle twinkle korean drama has gd storyline but tooo bad as its overcooked!
54 episodes are too long n getting boring. . . Well its expected. Korean drama!

Heaven tears koren drama is over-dramatic. . . BORED!

Today my aust client complained tat today weather is too hot. . .
Wellll and he given me that look :-[
What gotta to do with me now. .
I am not feeling well resting at home whole afternoon. . . Clients fault loll

Did the rain following me ard while i am working. . . as it did rain somehow
Did the old way change?

And the strange client bought me
A kagaru toy from aust
At least he got me a warm tea to help my cold but i sense that hes a petty nan

Those stalkers are back again. olo. Jerks

I have no right n freedom in singapore.

Dear spirits of the old, pls hear me out
. . .

An infamous witch in singapore.


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