Saturday, 7 November 2015


Today couldnt work as having running noise n coughing :-(

And its saturday i out working n watching my korean drama or intent to play game if i know how it works loll

I bought some oranges n pearls to improve my health well i shld take gd care of my health for the sake of innocents. .
No. I must loll. . .

I need space n a quiet place to rest my mind but i have noisy neighbours ard.
Sad :O

I need money to survive too. Hahaa

Then the rain came. . . ;-) twice or more today. . . Thank you. Heaven.

And no gd sport game today :-(

As my gifts are my cursed.

So my heart had been blinded by hatred because of them. . .

I was sooo lost at that time. .

A vision of future changed my heart. .
I shld open my heart with loving kindness towards the innocents

Heaven tears. . .

Heaven knows. . .

But i am just a crazy stupid dreamer. . . Someone being casted out from the society as i am diff. . .

Whatever so i would still try to help within my ability. . even there is no respect from ppl. . .

T_T T_T T_T Thats my life now!

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