Friday, 20 November 2015

Blue bike sold :-(

Finally i sold my beloved blue bike. . Its gotta go if not it wld turn rusty as not riding the bike often haiiiii i shld have saved up money to purchase the eletric one. .

As on my way hm from buying lunch,
That stupid india lady said hi with her red shirt friend = irritating stalkers sooo of course i hurried to lift ignoring them loll
She was mad standing staring at me loll

150 Dollars = my blue bike
To two friendly malay man

But i am sad :-(

Dear sophia sex is desire too much attachment so be wise to walk ur enlighten path :-P

I swear to the moon n the stars
Lolll suddenly i recalled him
Blown butterfly. . .
This was a dream love, unreal
Soooo let bygone be bygone
Memory is memory so it was!

Gd nite sophia sleep early to work
$$$$$$$$ = Desire too
Hahaaaa life :-X

I swear by the moon n the stars
I will be there. . .
Zzzzz. . .

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