Sunday, 15 November 2015

Got high by one glass of white wine

Dear dairy miss me :-P

I got high by just a glass of wine loll
And the greece client tried to take advantage of me . . He is nice guy but we gone too fast. . I shld have stay distance from him. . Do i like him nayyyy he is not my type but the truth i do not wish to have relationship as an old life gone, new chapter of life begins noooow B-)

So sorry mr greece our next meeting wld be :-! Hahaaaa he wld be suprised by my unpredictable me :-P

I am sophia, an infamous witch in singapore lolll

I was searching for my weight check !
If i gain weight back n healthy again. .
That means = meditation + vegetalian

A holy life :-) @!@


Paris attack again. Death 120 plusss

Two suspents from syria refugee???

Isis terrorist = crescent moon cult ???

Haiii warm heart became deadly blow!

Think twice europe :-X

I was wondering that where are those stalkers. . . playing hard to be found?

A curse for them. Hell to ya all.

I wish thunder wld strike them sooon.

Greece guy seem to like singapore as he said sg economic is stable unlike his country gone nuts. . .

B-) money face man n eeeeii i still have had drink wif him this evening :-X

Goshhh greece man :-P

Dear heaven

Life is enlightenment!

Gd nite :-)

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