Friday, 6 November 2015


I have many names. . . sometimes i was confused what is my real name?








Who am I? lolll

I am infamous witch in singapore.... many rumors abt me whom could control the weather.. wind

Many believe that i bring good luck.. good fortune to them if they encounter me and this rumor is spreading ard all over singapore even other countries...

Once i was almost invited to oversea...loll mayb

Yes. the rumors are true. I am a witch blessed or given XXX gifts by heaven.

I do not worship God or any but deeply respect "them"...

I do not worship nature but respect them...

Yet i am unhappy of my life as i have no freedom.. pirvacy... no life as someone is watching closely at me... days n nights.

A powerful person in singapore. Guess?

My gifts are my curse.

I have been followed by them everywhere, and because of them i lost all my friends.

I am lonely... sad... :(

These are my true stories...

To be continued.

Sophia de Moon

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