Monday, 16 November 2015

Late at night. . .

I was standing outside of osis smoking in the middle of night. . . What the heck am  i doing here, not resting at hm:-(

A stalker with red shirt sat next to my sit while i was out to buy food. ..
what his intention? what their intention?
Spying on me again? Lust for gd fortune again. . but its too obvious. . Or simply wanted to chase me to hm so less burden for them to follow me ard. . Haiiii
Hell to ya all :-( One stone two birds.

But i am not going back hm, no way!
I shouted softly asshole bastard at him n left for another sit. . hahaa

When i am nice n calm. . they wld take advantage of me :-(

When i am nasty. . they wld disturb my life :-(

They are truly jerks!

A new curse i cast on them B-) Hellgate wld open to them. . Nasty ghost wld haunt them as their hearts are dark. .
Lost ghost shall haunt them as their souls are dirty. . Demon ghosts wld eat them as their fresh are smelly. .
They are cursed.

So must it be.

I pray thee. . .
I call thee. . .
I invoke thee. . .

Spirits of the underworld, hear me
By the power of mother of darkness
Maha kali ahma.

By the power of karma forces, i invoke thee. . .

So  must it be.

My soul is the forces of mother of darkness. . .

So i am.

Sophia, an infamous witch in singapore as such title is given by people who know me. . .

Its not my intention to be famous  :-(

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