Tuesday, 10 November 2015

10/11/2015 = sickkkk :(

Well got some extra cash today, gonna buy good food but at this late hour no ideal where to eat :(

So here i am in the internet cafe/Oasis
again watching korean drama still thinking where to find good food loll. . .

Here picture of an interesting chinese guy whom work in oasis. A friendly guy but hes not gd looking n below average... ( guy with blue T-shirt)

Sometimes india client is more generous than white or chinese. . . Once in a blue moon Only!

But most of times. Jerks.

As no appt tomorrow so i stay up late at night, planing what to do on wednesday...

Nayyyy nope hoping for gd luck again if so why i never strike lottery YET:( for a while:(

Producer Korean Drama

Is he handsome?
He acted for You from another star.

A good actor :-)

Night is late yet cld not Zzz
Gd nite. Dream if dream!

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