Sunday, 8 November 2015

SICK :-(

I hate running nose than cough.

I gotta cancel my appt becoz of flu. .haiii  so stay at hm watching tv. .

Koren drama on weekend suckkkks
I hate weekend as no gd tv show loll

Yes i am a boring person no friend no activity no life. . becoz of those stalker
Watcher control freak jerk asshole olo

Hell to ye all @_@

If one day i vanish from here, guess who got me loll of coz. . those jerks stop me to review how evil they are. Indeed. They are worst ppl on earth. . .

No life no freedom no pirvacy in singapore. They abused human right!

They destoyed my life soooo i expose them to the world. Fair n square loll

Nayyy  karma spell i pray thee. .

I watched jurassic park over n over. .
How i wish some scientists wld bring them alive back in singapore. .may b we can isolate them in nearby island ;-)

Good attraction for singapore loll

Dream onnnnnnnnnn

I wish they are alive on earth :-!

olo for those bastards olo. . .hahaaa

Bad luck forever i curse ya

A song i singing now = life is not fair so what shalt i doooo. . someone in heaven pls tell me. . Be a destroyer or a loving-kindness healer. . So i gotta make a choice. . suddenly a vision appeared. .

Heaven tear. . .

Heaven knows

I raise my eyes to the sky. .

A tear dropped. .

I knee down to ask for mercy. .

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