Thursday, 10 March 2016

By the power of threefold kamma

I always don't feel secure. .  peaceful or happy as am staying at rented flat from the HDB government. . . And they always threaten to take back the house. . .

How could I bring peace to others as I myself do not have peace of mind to stay peacefully the rest of my life. . .

Yet I rejected an offer to be rich as my special abilities. . . Hahaha

Ironically rich is peace!

So no peace for me then no hope for ye all

Since life is so miserable for me then I return miserable back to the world. . .

Dear heaven if you are not taking my life soon then I would become a very very sad witch :( in black.

No family no love no friend no money no house no life. . .nothing. . .

Yet I am a gifted witch loll

Sophiaeve demoon
A sad witch in black wandering around the world loneliness

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