Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A man wanted to fight Isis being arrested!


The fourth man, Wang Yuandongyi, intended to travel to Syria to join a Kurdish militia group that is fighting against the Islamic State. The 23-year-old left Singapore in January this year for a third country, from where he intended to travel to Turkey and on to Syria, the MHA said.

However, someone who became aware of his plans reported him and, on the request of Singapore, Wang was located and turned back to the country, according to the MHA.

"He was arrested under the ISA and placed on an RO with effect from March 2016," the ministry said.

Investigations showed that Wang first learnt about the Kurds through the news in November 2015 and subsequently looked up information online about ISIS' attacks against the Kurds in Syria.

"He began to empathise with the plight of the Kurds and to detest ISIS. At the same time, he was looking to escape from personal setbacks, like his financial liabilities arising from a failed business venture," MHA said.

When he left Singapore with the intention to fight in Syria, he brought with him some Singapore Armed Forces-issued gear such as his uniform and boots, it added.

The MHA said the Government takes a stern view of anyone who supports, promotes, undertakes or makes preparations to undertake armed violence, regardless of how they rationalise such violence ideologically, or where the violence takes place.

For instance, while Wang's motivation to join the militia and fight against ISIS was not ideologically-driven, the fact remains that he intended to engage in an armed conflict overseas

I don't understand why he was arrested. . .

Sad to hear that :(

By the power of threefold kamma

So must it be.

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