Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Strange horn sound in the dark sky @?@

This is the strange horn sound that I heard last late nite in the dark sky. . . And I tried to locate the sound from. . the only conclusion is came from the direction of the " rainbow full moon ". . .

Yes. It's from the moon @?@

Moon is trying warn us??? Lollll

Moon is trying reshaping/ 're-adjusting itself???

Moon is trying to break up the surrounding rocks as mothership hahaaaaa

Moon is hungry and demanding for sacrifices??? Kekeeee

Or that's the original sound from the moon

@?@ Do not trust the moon people/aliens

Before that I have had bad dreams of terrifying earthquake. . And I heard
Something exploded very loudly. .

This is my first time having such dream but since future is impermanence. . There is not fixed destiny so less worry. . .

Otherwise if it's happen. . Is the will of our destiny to suffer and die in a nature disaster aka catatrophe. . .

So let it be.

By the power of threefold kamma.

Sophia de Lotus


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