Saturday, 25 June 2016

Strange horn sound in the dark sky 2

Strange horn sound have been heard all over the world, so did my country.

That late night I was searching in the dark sky then I realized it was came from the "rainbow full moon". . .

I stared at the moon for a while and the horn sound came back again. . and it's definitely came from the moon. . .

Yes. It's the moon @!@

But why is the purpose for this?

The next day in the morning I heard the sound from the planes were seeding cloud again. . . Strangely past few days were raining day. . What happen to the cloud?

Does the strange horn sound has something to do with global warming/ changing?

Did the horn sound destroy the cloud?

Or magnetic field?

An evil agenda plotting from the moon's alien?

Legend said that mara demon had stopped the rain to bring drought on earth. . .

May be or not but am very sure the strange horn sound came from the moon. . .

The beginning of the end of world?

Religion wars = Christian vs Jewish vs muslim vs Catholic but they came from the same God. . .

Why killing each other for the same God?

In ancient Sumerian they worshipped the moon. . .

And the bible original stories came from ancient Sumerian?

Nibiru = Moon?

These are my theories only.

Sophia de Lotus

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