Saturday, 12 November 2016

Supermoon = Natural disasters _ ! _

Once I'd heard  from an ancient source that super super Supermoon triggered the great flood in ancient times _ ! _ that's explained why NASA bombed the moon away in 2008 years as 2004 earthquake was triggered by Supermoon and so did 311 earthquake in Japan. . .

This coming Supermoon 14/11 would be nearest to earth since more than 60 years ago @!@ according to NASA again loll

Full Moon is beautiful to be watched or wondering about. . . as ancient source stated that crescent moon or New moon "created" the universe/earth. Unbelievable?
I understood :-)

So it was the beginning and the ending too
 _ ! _ By the power of threefold  karma.

Sophia  Lotus
P/s this coming Supermoon would not end the world your world our world my world
Cross-fingers X

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