Thursday, 10 December 2015

A sad night :-(

Last nite I walked to buddha tooth temple from oasis internet shop.


But this time i was unsad of myself for being naive. . . Have i forgotten who n what i am. . i dont belong to this society. . I am different from them. .
Sophia pls rem. . pls dont make fool of urself. . pls stay awake of ur reality :-(

So this mayb my last time to visit that shop late at night. . or my last time!

I am dead. . no life. . no social. . a living walking zombie :-(

I am not enlighten arahat, just a human.

I am lonely T_T

I cried inside my heart without tear last nite, and i pray for wisdom n strength
to walk the right path. . .

Sophia sophia moon rest ur heart. .

Rest in peace. Good nite 囧

P/s Today is also a bad day :-(

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